Friday, 21 June 2013

Climbing Kits Now Available.

Hello and today I will be talking about our range of climbing kits that we now have available online and in shop.

Why did we put these together?

We have been getting a lot of phone calls and emails for complete climbing kits from companies looking to purchase simple and fast and also starters looking for an introduction kit. Buying a kit seems simple but when you are starting off or are a purchasing manager it can become quite complicated, What rope? How long? What climbing system? the questions go on and on.... So we have made  -

  1. Starter Kit -
For the starter, student or gardener?landscaper whom has his climbing certificates but only occasionally works on trees. For £270 it is a bargain, Petzl,DMM and Marlow make up the bulk of the products.

   2.   Progressive Climbing Kit -

More for the climber looking to step up from small to medium/large trees. It comes with a 35m rope and a higher spec harness, also a lanyard kit which is adjustable with a pulley giving you the smooth action.

  3. Advanced climbing kit -

This is for the contract/highly experienced climber, a choice of harness, rope and climbing system, we did have Zigzag included but until Mark 2 comes out we have had to remove it.

All kits are put together and then discounted so you will not get them cheaper by buying separately.

Any thoughts on them please feel free to post a comment.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The AA Arb Show 2013

Hi everyone,

Today is the start of the A.A Arb show in Cirencester and unfortunaltey we won't be there this year in person or selling. We did seriously consider using the AA as our first show but the logistics and time made us come to this decision. We are in the North and this is in the South-West, we have a shop and online shop to run and with only three people working in it we can't come awat from it.

We are hoping to do the Woodfest in 2014 and then the APF later in that year but we don't want to run before we can walk and only a year into opening Skyland Equipment we are very happy with the progress.

We have some new products in store and online -

Blackrock Chukka Boots - £15.95 -

A budget boot for the groundsman/gardener, they are water repellent, have a steel toe cap and rubber soles.

Blackrock Chukka