Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stihl Policy change.

We have had notification about a major change to the Stihl Mail Order Policies. From June 3rd we and any other Stihl dealer will not be able to send any product produced by Stihl, from keyrings to chainsaws to clothing. To purchase these products their needs to be a hand over face to face sale. Orders can be rserved by phone and the internet but you must come into the shop to pick them up.

What does this mean?

Well I suppose for the small Stihl dealers like ourselves it's good news as we will get more footfall into our shop from the local tree surgeons, landscapers and domestic users. Improved  footfall in the shop is what we are aiming to do this year as we now have good internet presence which is improving week by week but it is the face to face sales we enjoy most. It's good to speak to the customers about the equipment to see what they do and don't like and where improvements could be made plus also when customers are in the shop they seem to go out with more than they anticipated haha!
I suppose for the big dealers whom have been around for a long time, the Stihl policy will be very frustrating as their customers base will be all over the UK, so now they can't send out Stihl will make things difficult for them. This will surely see a huge increase in the competing brands like Husqvarna, Echo and Johnson Red, Husqvarna will see the biggest increase. Stihl will always sell their machines and customers will drive to the nearest dealer to pick up a Stihl but the clothing, PPE, tools and accessories might take a slump as the customer will want to order these from the comfort of there home and get them delivered.

Time will tell if Stihl have made the right decision but the world is evolving and so is the way we shop, internet is only going to get bigger and bigger, you can shop in bed, in the bathroom, in the garden having a beer and if Stihl think they can say 'no' we are not letting you then they may regret it. They have took a stance and if other companies follow I'm not sure....Prices may rise now as it's the internet that has driven the prices down which for us is good but for the end user in the current climate will be very trying.

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