Friday, 1 March 2013

DMM Axis Swivel Versus Petzl Axis Swivel

Today I'm going to put the swivels of DMM and Petzl head to head, well basically compare them against each other to help you decide which one you would want if a swivel is next on your shiny kit list.

First the DMM Swivel -

First impressions are it's very shiny and once again DMM produce a beautiful piece of kit. Made of Stainless Steel it has multi directional loading options and individual serial markings.
The minimum breaking strength is 36kN and the working load is 8kN.

The action is very, very smooth due to it's high quality bearings in place. The surfaces are very smooth and round. I like the colour coding that DMM use on there arb products and here they have used a metallic blue and gun metal grey.
Weighing in at only 115grams and with dimensions of 79mm x 50mm x 33mm this is a light piece of equipment to add to your harness and a nice Ultra Oval Crab would go perfectly with it.
The price is around £46 inc vat

Next the Petzl Swivel -

The Petzl swivel has been around longer than the DMM one and isn't as shiny. It arrives in one colour - black - and doesn't seem as smooth as the DMM one but don't get me wrong it is still smooth and will spin you around happily on your harness if that's what you would wan't it to do.Petzl don't mess around when it comes to producing equipment, they design it for it's purpose and this is a perfect example. It has a minimum breaking strength of 23kN and a working load of 5kN.

Weighing in at 94grams and a fraction thinner than the DMM one.
This comes in at around £48 inc vat.

Summary - The two are priced around the same but I think the Large swivel Petzl make comes a bit closer to the DMM small swivel in terms of working load and breaking strength. Both will do the job of harness attachments being it on your lifeline or lanyard perfectly as the working loads of both exceeds any weight you could possibly put on your your rope and harness. The DMM looks newer, shinier, more polished and if thats what turns your eye then thats the one but if you like the tactical look of pure black then its the latter, personally I would choose the DMM swivel for the design and look of it also it does seem to be that touch more smoother on the swivel.

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