Saturday, 16 February 2013

Petzl Zigzag

The Petzl Zigzag is a new innovative mechanical prussic which when you see it in the flesh it will blow you away by it's beauty and craftsmanship.

Also when you use it you will find how easy it is to descend and ascend in the tree. Personally I use 9mm Marlow Boa friction cord and find it strong, durable and at around £10 a loop it doesn't break the bank but... it does sometimes become too tight on the rope and can be a bit annoying when you are branch walking or looking for a bit of speed when descending so i have made my mind up and will be purchasing (from ourselves) a Petzl Zigzag.  The smoothness it gives you and consistency totally out weighs the price difference for me. I am 36 years old and have been climbing for around 17 years so I now want to make life a little easier up in the tree and this will do it!!

We should be receiving our first batch within the first two weeks of March and our pre-orders are on a first come first serve basis, we only have a limited amount before we and the supplier run out so get in quick now and grab one, otherwise it could be April before we can get hold of more.
We have also done a bundle as you wil need two carabiners to go with this we have included two of DMM Oval's, Petzl Oval, Petzl Am'D Ball Lock or the Petzl Am'Ds Triact. The carabiners are basically going to you at a bargain giving you a big saving. When we tested the Zigzag we used the Am'Ds which were great but some feedback off other people has been that the Ovals work better.

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