Sunday, 17 February 2013

My DMM Anchor point setup

This is my anchor point setup. A Lyon sling 60 or 100 cm length, a DMM Ultra Oval carabiner and a DMM Pinto Pulley. I only use this when I am doing a take down as it needs to be retrieved before coming out of the tree so on a prune it would basically be a pain the arse to have to always go back upto the top to retrieve the set up. On a section fell I work the tree off this setup and then remove it when I am sectioning the stem. The sling is 18mm thickness and it is fine but I am looking to change it to a 25mm Protective sling by Lyon just to give me that added strength.
This setup costs around £45 in all and gives you a smooth action whereas in the past I just used to throw my rope over a crotch and get on with it but the friction it would sometimes add made life a little harder and as you will have noticed from my last blog about the Zigzag I am looking to make life a touch easier now and why not!
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