Saturday, 16 February 2013

Feedback on website please

Hi All

If you have the time please visit our website and leave any feedback you can give, good and more importantly bad. We need to know where we are going worng and how we can fix it.
We have tried to make the website user friendly compared to other user industry sites and we know it's not easy to satisfy everyone but that's what we want to try to do.

Have a mooch around, add products to the basket, watch the videos on the Zigzag or DMM and tell us what you think.

If it's just the prices that are stopping you from purchasing then let us know, we have discounted RRP'S as much as we can and as we grow we will get better deals that we can pass onto you. The more we sell the better deals = lower prices for the end user so please check us out and give us a try, we have great customer service and can help you out with any queries you have as we ourselves use the gear.

Mark removing a limb from an English Oak

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