Thursday, 24 August 2017

Dendroid T-Shirts


We have recently added the Dendroid clothing to our ever growing stock list and they have been flying off the shelves especially the 'DFace Off' design as it relates to a lot of our tree climbing customers! 

The quality of the material is excellent, making it longer lasting and great value for money.

Dendroid is taken from the Greek work dendroeidÄ“s meaning 'like a tree' and have been designed by tree people for tree people. The quality of the garment is excellent and the fit is pretty much bang on!

There are more designs which we can add to the Dendroid range and in the near future, we will be looking to do this, treat yourself or a friend and join the Dendroid clan!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Arbortec Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots.
Keep your eyes peeled for these on our site. Available for delivery in October 2015 as they will come in and go out very, very quickly! The price will be around £178 and they will come in 3 colours, green and 2 to be revealed, one colour is very interesting as I have not seen this before in any type of boot!
They are a class 2 but also very light for a chainsaw boot of this class.
Leading on from the Scafell XER which again are an excellent boot in my opinion, I had these for over 2 years and still they are going strong, only the want for trying out a different brand has now retired them. The XER boots are heavy and clompy at first but in time they are comfortable and you get used to the weight, the new Scafell Lite's are a lot lighter with no stitching to come away, we think the climber out there will love them!

Monday, 28 July 2014

What have we been upto?

Hello all that take the time out to read our blog! We have been away for a while from this due to the quick emergence of Skyland Equipment, we did not expect to be this busy within two years of opening and have only you the punters to thank.

We have thought long and hard about doing shows this year so we can meet our online and telephone  customers and also get to know what you think about the latest equipment face to face but we have decided to leave it this time and go along to the shows as a spectator and also to see exactly what we would need to do a good show i.e amounts of stock, size of marquees, logistics..

We attended the Woodfest and although it was really enjoyable as always we were a little disappointed at the placing of the pole climb and the surrounding stands, they seemed to be put at the back of the show and the footfall was very low considering the place was really busy.
We hope to be at the next show as it is the one most local to us.

Next up is the biggy, the APF, this is the one to get your name known, it is a fire sale and plenty of stock is needed we know, hopefully we can find out a bit more and weigh up if the stress is worth it all.

We are primarily an Arb shop as we have been involved and still are in the work side of it for over 20 years, we have done every type of tree work possible and class ourselves as experts especially in conifer bashing :) but we are also very interested in IRATA thus leading us into providing the equipment to the local firms in Liverpool.

Liverpool has long been without an Arb shop never mind an IRATA shop and we are adding IRATA equipment daily from brands like Petzl, DMM, Edelrid and more hopefully bringing something to the city that was never available.

With the help of the brands we mentioned we can provide IRATA for years to come allowing the end users to come into the shop and try out the equipment before purchase, where beforehand they may be buying blind online.

DMM are now in full flow with new, innovative pieces of equipment being brought out year after year to go against Petzl and we will be stocking them as they become available.


We have the Meindl Airstreams heading our way at the end of July and soon the ART Lockjack and Kask climbing helmet in Hi-Vis Orange.

Petzl will be bringing an updated Zigzag out in October 14.

Cheers for now


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Husqvarna 536LiXP Chainsaw.

Its been a while since I have been on our blog, there is plenty to tell you about later on but for now check out our latest product video showing the capabilities of the Husqvarna T536LiXP.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Husqvarna T540 XP Chainsaw - Our view

HI All,

We have now had the T540 in stock for around two months and they are selling well and so they should, they are long awaited and we the Skyland tree team took one of our first batch so we can use it but also to give you the customers feedback. Okay I'm not going to say it's the best thing since sliced bread blah blah blah because as a dealer of them that is what you expect hey.

I will be honest, at first it was wobbly, shaky, vibrating a bit, it didn't seem to have the balance of the Stihl 200t and I did think oh no please no and I hoped it would smooth out which it did, so it just needed running in which is very normal.

As the days went on it just got better and better until the day when it was left on the chipper, the chipper got fired up and bang the saw flew off and the start switch smashed into a million pieces!

Husqvarna had none of the starter switches in stock so we had to use it with a piece of cello tape covering the electrics so it wouldn't turn off, this didn't look great when I was showing it one of our customers but he still walked out of the shop with one hooray!

We got a new starter switch and away it went and what a beauty it is, I took down an over mature Beech with it last week and it hammered it's way through all the way until I ran out of bar length and even then I didn't want to give it up for the 560 but it had to be done. We use the 14' bar but i do wonder what it would be like with a 12", we call it the mini beast and with a 12''  would be quite scary!
It feels lighter than the 200t IMO but it isn't they weigh exactly the same so I presume it is better balanced and it does feel this way. The fuel consumption is great as expected, you seem to get around an hour in the tree with it on all the time but not revving obviously.

The power it has is great, the torque is fantastic but there a few problems, the loop on the back to attach it to your strop is weak and some have broken and away has gone the saw from the tree, Husqvarna have now addressed this and have sent out stronger loops.The dawgs are not the best, they don't dig into the wood to give you that grip and to be honest this is something Husky need to address on all their saws. There is another clip you can attach on the back so you can clip it onto a caritool on your harness so it hangs at your waste and doesn't dangle, don't bother, it is a nightmare trying to get it off the caritool once it is on.
It did originally come with fuel and oil caps which needed a spanner or a strong hand to get them off but now they should all come with flip caps which makes life a touch easier and they look nice too.
For now the problems it does have are minor and not really issues except for the weak loop but as I said it has been addressed by Husky and shouldn't be a problem again.
 I have to admit if you are thinking of going over to Husqvarna in the top handle saw section then take the leap and don't look back! Stihl will always be there and one day they will have probably a better saw than this but for now this is the one!

£503.95 Including VAT
INSTOCK NOW!! Click here to see!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Skyland goes into the top 30 Husqvarna dealers!

Just a little update on what we have been upto and what the future holds for Skyland Equipment.

We have won a clothing stand from Husqvarna for being in the top 30 dealers in the country which for 14 months trading and around approx 1000 dealers it's not a bad achievement at all and we are very proud.
Above is the stand erected in our shop showing off all the range of Husqvarna Jackets and trousers.

We are in the process of expanding our shop and adding the full range of Husqvarna chainsaws and more of the Stihl saws, when the shop is expanded it will have another room with machines and large items in and also the climbing wall will be setup and ready to go for anyone wanting to try out a new harness or ascender.

We have toyed with the idea of moving to bigger premises but at the moment we are going to stay in Wheathills and when we eventually out grow the unit we will have no choice but to move on.

New Products

1. Easy Lift Harness - £320  Web link

2. Edelrid Spring Bag in Oasis - £27.30  Web link

3. Husqvarna Classic Forest Helmet - £26.95  Web link

We will in the near future be dealers of CEUK, Rock Exotica, Arborwear and ART.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some new items in stock.

We have the new DMM Rhino Carabiner in stock, we are proud to say at the moment we are the only dealer to have them. It's a cracking idea and very simple, DMM have added a nose to the biner to stop pulley's from moving round to the side of the biner and possibly side loading them which makes them very weak.

It comes to you at £15.11 including VAT. We think if this was out when the Petzl Zigzag was it would have put an end to all this side loading talk and we could all still be enjoying the thrill of the Zigzag.

We have added some Silverline products of late, granted, the professional may not plump for their products but the homeowner, part time gardener couldn't go wrong here, excellent value for money and here is the top bargain at the moment - the Extendable Pole saw.
At just £25 it really is a bargain, the pole is aluminium and the whole saw is a close and a very close lookalike of the Silky Hayauchi, obviously the blade wont be anywhere near the quality of a Silky but for the money its worth just having the pole.

Silverline Extendable Pole